Happy New Years


Our New Year’s Eve was going to be in Northern Germany. In the lead up to New Year we began to wonder what things were going to be like on the night. When we went to the supermarket there were sections of the store dedicated to fireworks, and people were walking out with a trolley full of them. In Queensland (Aust.) we cannot buy fireworks anywhere, let alone in the local supermarket.

I did notice that the store had a fire extinguisher located at each corner of the fireworks display, but I didn’t want to be there if they all went up, even if there were four fire extinguishers.



We stopped for the night in a town called Minden (we wondered a little about this place – was it like Minden in Northern NSW) which has about 80,000 people.

Our family is not really a party in the New Year kind of family so the plan was to have a normal evening and head off to bed; this is one reason why we stayed the night away from a major town.

This of course was not to be. The fireworks started at about 8 pm, they were sporadic at first and then increased in regularity. Of course at midnight they were going off constantly. We had all gone to bed, the kids were asleep – until midnight that is.

The fireworks woke the kids up, so we had a look out the windows to check them out. Of course we couldn’t see them that well from inside so we headed out.

It was very cold and we were in our PJ’s but we were not worried. In every direction we looked there were fireworks going off. Keep in mind these are not fireworks from an organised show but are just individuals buying fireworks and then just letting loose.


It was an amazing experience, especially for us who only usually see only organised fireworks shows. I just kept laughing at the spectacle that it was, and looking around in the freezing cold.

Even though we were in a camp spot across the river from the main town there were quite a few people around, setting off fireworks in the nearby field and on the footbridge across the river.

Legoboy didn’t wake up with the other kids, so we thought we should wake him up and let him see all of the fireworks. He woke up had a look out the window then promptly fell back to sleep and had no recollection of it the next day.

As we drove around the next few days both in Minden and in other towns there was fireworks rubbish all around the place, a bit of an unfortunate side effect of the crazy New Year’s celebration.

New Year’s Eve 2015 was definitely a unique experience for us.


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