Our Last Week


It has now been almost One Year since we arrived in Europe, so that means that it is almost time to leave.

As you can imagine even though we knew that we were only spending a year here and that we were limited in what we could return to Australia with we have still managed to accumulate some extra gear. So we have to work out what will be going back and what will not.

Max also has to be returned so we have to take some time to clean him up.

To get all of this done we decided to spend our last week in a house. The place we chose was a little thatched cottage on a canal in the historic village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands.

It is a quiet little place which has lots of character. There is a fireplace (as well as central heating) which of course is very nice and lighting up a fireplace is something we definitely will not be doing in a week’s time when we are back in Australia.





The place was nice when we arrived but as we unloaded Max it became a bit of a bomb zone, but it was great to have the space to do it.

It is really nice to be stationary for a whole week without having anywhere to go and not too much to do. But it is also tinged with a hint of sadness as it drives home the fact that our time here is almost over.

There is a sauna here so that at least gives us the chance to spend some time in there and get ready for when we return to Australia.



We even got to watch a bit of the Australian version of Master Chef on TV.

While we stayed here we needed to do a bit of shopping so I borrowed a bike from the place we were staying and rode to the shop. The Netherlands is known for a few things: water, windmills and pushbikes. The pushbike was not a style that I would go out and buy but it was very European, so I fitted in. The ride was a little further than I remembered (amazing how it seems so short when you are driving). Riding made it very clear why they have windmills in the Netherlands and I was riding into it, but that was good on the way home – at least it was flat, very flat.



2 thoughts on “Our Last Week

  1. Sweet – You better turn up that sauna!!
    Looking forward to seeing you guys.
    I really can’t believe it has been a year..
    Time flies when some people are having fun.
    See you soon. xx

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