Max’s New Family


As I have mentioned previously we have been contacted by a number of families since we have returned to Australia. These families are all in the process of planning to do a trip similar to “Our Year in Europe”. Most have been Australian; there has however been one from Brazil.

It has been enjoyable to respond to these families and endeavour to pass along any information we can give them to help them with their planning.

We purchased Max through a buyback scheme which meant that when we left Europe we sold him back to the company we had purchased him from – less a small fee of course for the privilege.

One of the families we had been corresponding with ended up buying Max, so now Max has a new Australian family.

We really hope that they have as much fun and adventure as we did.


4 thoughts on “Max’s New Family

  1. Hi there, I’m wondering if we may also contact you re the logistics of your trip. We are looking to do the same in 2016. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Emma

  2. Hi, we are Australians wanting to motor home around Europe for six months but would love to know how you got around the Schengen visa dilemma we have as Aussies?

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