It’s a Small Small World


In my last post I introduced the Australian family who had bought our old motorhome (Max) from the company we had sold him back to in The Netherlands.

We had been writing to this family about our trip and had been giving them some info relating to motorhoming in Europe and also about the things we found useful in a motorhome, and they purchased Max.

Since we have been back in Australia we have been writing to a number of different people, mostly from Australia and New Zealand, who are interested to know how we went about our trip, and who are after info relating to motorhomes and life on the road in Europe.

A second Aussie family went to the company we had used in The Netherlands and they also purchased a motorhome, almost exactly the same as Max; the motorhome part is the same with a different model Fiat truck as the host vehicle.

This is where things get a little strange and surreal. Hopefully I have the details of this story correct.

Family number two pulled into a campground in Bulgaria and noticed a motorhome that was almost exactly the same as theirs. I think they had read about the family who purchased Max from our blog and they wondered (I don’t think they expected it) if the motorhome belonged to that Aussie family.

Well as it turns out the motorhome they were now parked near was Max. So two Australian families that we had written to numerous times through our blog bumped into each other in Bulgaria.

It is amazing to comprehend the probability of that happening – It is a small, small world.

These two families have kids who are similar ages so they have now spent some time travelling together and plan to meet up again later in the year.



6 thoughts on “It’s a Small Small World

  1. I have been keeping an eye on available Motorhomes on happy-campers over the past few months and these two were my favourites!! Devastated! But in true patriotism, happy they went to Aussie fams. 🙂 We arent getting there until August so fingers crossed there will be something similar by then!

  2. I think we may be one of the Aussie families that have purchased a Camper recently from Weitz from happy campers. We bought the Hymer and are extremely excited about our upcoming 7mth trip around Europe. One question we have for Paul/Tracy is regarding the 90 day limit on staying within the Schengen zone. Where you aware of this rule during your trip, how did you get on and did you have any issues when you left Europe?


  3. Hello,
    we are a family of 5 from Auckland New Zealand. Wietz has given us your link. We would love to talk to you some more. We are heading over in August-December this year. We would love it if you could email us please
    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you
    Todd and Caroline

    • Hi Todd and Caroline

      Thanks for checking out the blog – I hope you enjoy it and find plenty of info there.

      I will send you an email and hopefully we can give you some helpful pointers.

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