The Guns

Bookworm wrote a poem about the operation that took place along part of the Normandy beaches on D Day in 1944.


On the sixth of June at Pointe du Hoc,

The sun starts to rise, the Allies ships dock.

All men stand strong, ready to fight,

As the Normandy coast comes into sight.

Running ashore with packs heavy,

Rockets and grappling hooks at the ready.

Brave men climbing cliffs; scale the rocky wall,

Machine guns fire, some men fall.

Yet onwards they press to achieve their goals,

But at the top, no guns! Just wooden poles.

So inland two march not ending their search,

To discover the place where the gun may perch.

Off they went and they did not tire,

For the guns were near, all ready to fire.

They used explosives; finished off the guns,

And continued to fight till the battle was won.